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Intech Organics 24x7 Ambulance Service in Rajasthan


Intech Organics’ 24x7 ambulance service in Rajasthan completes five years

23 June, 2022


Since June 23, 2017, five years ago, we have been successfully running a free-of-cost ambulance service at our Rajasthan plant in Pali as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

This service is being offered to villagers around our plant, providing them with timely transportation to the nearest hospital, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service is efficiently managed by our plant team members, Padam Singh, Omprakash Kasniya, and Narendra Kumar Mishra.

To ensure that villagers are aware of this service, our team regularly distributes pamphlets and pastes them at prominent locations. Recently, on July 4, Chandramouli from the administration team reached out to all the female residents of the nearby village and briefed them about using the service.

“Focusing on service to the community and its members is one of our core pillars at Intech Organics. Since we began the operation of our Rajasthan plant, we realized the essential role of an ambulance service at this remote location. With this 24x7 available and free-of-cost ambulance service, our prime focus is on ensuring that patients reach hospitals and get timely medical care and intervention without worrying. Our team members are always available to assist the community members,” says Navanshu Saharan, Managing Director and Chairman, Intech Organics.

We are proud of the impact this service has had on the community and are committed to continuing these efforts.