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Intech Organics Partners With ADNOC to Manufacture Calcium and Sodium Bromide in the UAE


Intech Organics partners with ADNOC to manufacture calcium and sodium bromide in the UAE

21 June, 2022


We at Intech Organics Limited (IOL) are pleased to announce that we have recently signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) to explore potential opportunities in two key areas:

  • The manufacturing of calcium and sodium bromide in the UAE
  • The expansion and development of further capabilities for the manufacturing of bromine and its derivatives in the UAE

This partnership capitalizes on the growing demand for critical industrial raw materials and leverages the strengths of both IOL and ADNOC as global industrial and energy leaders.

As a part of our expansion strategy, we are pursuing investments that will maximize value from our existing bromine resources and secure more effective market access for expanding our portfolio of bromine and its derivatives. Moving forward, we are confident that our expansion efforts will allow us to emerge as an undisputed leader in the global bromine and derivatives market.